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Based in Casablanca, Morocco, dB PROD-FACTORY is a leading post-production company specializing in dubbing, voice-over, audio description, transcription, and translation in both French and Arabic for a wide range of audiovisual content, including films, series, cartoons, and video games. Entrust us with your content and let us bring it to life, reaching a broader audience with our exceptional voice-over expertise.

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  • Dubbing

    Dubbing has increasingly gained popularity over the years, as it enables viewers to enjoy content in their native language without the need for subtitles. Furthermore, it allows filmmakers to reach a wider international audience and expand their market. Whether it be animated films or live-action dramas, dubbing has become an integral part of the localization process, ensuring that stories can be understood and appreciated by individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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  • Voice-Over

    In a documentary, for instance, a narrator in voice-over can provide additional information, context, and perspectives that may not be immediately evident in the visuals. Their voice becomes a guiding force that leads the audience through the story, instilling a sense of authority and credibility. Similarly, in an advertisement, a well-executed voice-over can contribute to creating a memorable and persuasive commercial. The actor’s tone, pitch, and delivery can evoke specific emotions and leave a lasting impression on the viewer.



    The incorporation of audiodescription proves exceptionally advantageous in the realm of cinema and television production, wherein visual elements remain pivotal for comprehending the intricacies of plot and character development. This ingenious feature enables individuals with visual impairments to actively engage with the storyline, grasp the emotions conveyed by actors, and attain a more comprehensive understanding of the narrative as a whole.

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    The accurate transformation of spoken language into written text is vital in ensuring precise documentation and accessible information. This advanced technology transcribes and converts uttered words into an intelligible text, enabling the preservation of speeches and facilitating information retrieval through reading and textual search. Transcription enhances the dissemination of information, retention of crucial details, and communication among individuals, particularly within the realm of cinematography.



    In the realm of literature, translators assume a fundamental role in transposing works of both fiction and non-fiction from one language to another. Through their diligent efforts, readers worldwide are afforded the privilege of accessing literary masterpieces from diverse cultural backgrounds, allowing them to fully appreciate their profound magnificence.



    Subtitles are an indispensable component of any audiovisual content, be it a film, a television show, or an online video. Their significance lies in their pivotal role in ensuring wider accessibility for audiences, including those with hearing impairments or language barriers. By providing a written representation of dialogues, subtitles empower viewers to seamlessly follow the plot and fully comprehend the on-screen conversations.


    Commercial Spot

    In today’s ever-evolving digital world, radio commercials continue to play a vital role in reaching a wide audience. With their ability to captivate attention and deliver concise, compelling messages, radio spots have proven to be an effective means of promoting products and services. These strategically placed audio advertisements are designed to maximize exposure and target specific demographic groups.

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    Corporate films

    In the realm of organizational communication, institutional films play a pivotal role in showcasing the values, missions, and accomplishments of various entities. These films serve as a formidable communication tool, enabling institutions to effectively reach their target audience and convey their message in a visually captivating and compelling manner. Regardless of whether it pertains to a corporate giant, an educational institution, or a non-profit organization, an institutional film stands as a dynamic means to establish a robust brand identity and promote a positive image.


    Interactive Voice Response

    An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a powerful tool that transforms the way businesses engage with their customers. By leveraging IVR, companies can deliver an immersive and tailor-made experience through automated voice interactions. This cutting-edge technology enables businesses to seamlessly converse with their clients in a natural and intuitive manner, elevating customer satisfaction and streamlining operational efficiency.

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    The post-production phase is an essential component of the cinematic process, as it brings together all the elements of a film. During this stage, the carefully captured footage from production is artfully assembled, while sound effects and music are meticulously incorporated. Additionally, visual effects are seamlessly integrated to enhance the overall cinematic experience. It is within the realm of post-production that the true enchantment of storytelling takes place.

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    Digital export

    In the current globalized economy, digital exports have become an indispensable component of international trade. Thanks to rapid advancements in technology and the internet, businesses now have the opportunity to reach customers worldwide and expand their markets beyond traditional borders. Digital exports encompass the sale and distribution of digital products or services to customers from various countries, facilitated by online platforms and digital channels.

    Audio Mixer

    Vocal content

    In the current world of social media and digital platforms, vocal content plays a crucial role in engaging and connecting with the audience. Whether it is podcasts, voice-overs, or audio books, the power of the human voice can captivate and inspire listeners like no other medium. With the rise of voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa, vocal content has now become an integral part of our daily lives, providing us with information, entertainment, and even companionship.